Your pet is our priority. Why would you want to leave your four-legged family member at a kennel, where they might be uncomfortable, when you can leave them at home where we can take care of them in their happiest environment.

Overnight Package    –    $35 per day for two dogs

This package involves a staff member spending some of the day as well as the whole night with your companion to keep them company while you are away.

If you have more than two dogs an additional $10 will be added per day.

If you have other pets to add to this package it is negotiable what the extra fee will be.

Feline Friends Package    –    $25 per day

As most feline friends are not comfortable in the company of strangers, this package allows a staff member to visit twice a day to feed, change water, and clean the litter box.

Outdoor Adventure Package – $15 per walk

What canine doesn’t love to go for a walk? This package was designed for your furry friend to enjoy a 30 to 45 minute walk, depending on their sniffing speed and route. This is ideal if you are stuck at the office, or during those back to back high school sports games.

Check-in Package – $10 per visit

If a walk isn’t needed but you just want to make sure your dog can get outside for a few minutes a staff member can check-in and let them out to do their business and get some exercise.

This is also ideal if you have fish or other small animal that doesn’t need more than just a bit of food and change of water.

Clean Ears – $10 per session

Do you need to clean your dogs ears but don’t want to? One of our staff members can do that for you.

This can be added onto any package.

Pretty Nails – $10 per session

If you don’t like to be the mean person cutting your dog or cat’s nails, one of our trained staff members can do this for you.

This can be added onto any package.

All pricing packages can be customized to fit you or your pet’s needs. If your pet needs medicine and you are not able to give them the pill, shot, or drops please notify our staff, as we are willing to do this service for you as a stop in.

If you believe you qualify for a discount please ask.

If you are calling for emergency services a $10 fee may be tacked on.

Cancellation policy: If you have booked a service, and signed the contract, there will be a  charge of 50% of the total fee if canceled with less than one week’s notice.